Homes Currently Being Built

2019 Apostle Build

Habitat will host an Apostles Build – a unique build in which 12 churches (or church partnerships) will join together to share in the funding and construction of a home. Each Apostle Partner will raise or contribute $6,000 to purchase the materials...

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Youth Build 2019

Our community is teaming with exceptional young leaders, and this summer, we are hosting the Second Annual Habitat Summer Youth Build to put those young leaders into action! This year, we would like to plan our summer even earlier with a committee le...

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Richmond County Build 2019

Richmond County Rocks!  They have plotted their mission and began fundraising for the next Habitat home to be built in Rockingham. The positive, charged-up energy of the members has been a great launch to what will be an exciting build that is devot...

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2020 Women Build

The power and strength of women are amplified when we join together in a common cause and are inspired to go beyond our comfort zones. Will you please join this amazing community effort to build our sixth Women Build house? We need financial donation...

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Completed Homes

30 Year Build

Our 30 Year Anniversary kicked off with a 30-hour building blitz in Aberdeen on Blyther Street. Habitat supporters spanning from 3 decades joined in this celebration in the fall and had the walls up in three days. The house is almost completed but still needs the finishing touches and is a great volunteer opportunity for those who want to work inside during the winter months....

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2018 Gala Build

Everything that happens in Habitat world happens because of our strong partnerships. Building good homes, strong homeowners, and creating awareness in our community as to the need for affordable housing cannot be accomplished without many hands and minds of our community. A beautiful example of our powerful partnerships occurs each spring at our Annual Habitat Gala. As our signature fundraising event, we rely on the proceeds to build an entire home....

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Faith Build for Unity 2018

We are currently looking for churches to partner with us for our 2017-18  Faith Build for Unity! A Faith Build project is when churches come together to build a Habitat for Humanity home. They raise the money and provide the labor and prayer support to build a house in partnership with a local family. Our goal this year is to grow partnerships with all churches, of all faiths, at all levels of involvement. With Habitat for Humanity, churches can share God’s love by building homes. Thanks to this new group of Habitat volunteers, another family in your community will enjoy the blessings of a simple, decent home. If you are new or would like to participate in a Faith Build again – we’d love your support. Call Rosemary at (910) 295-1934 for more information. <br> Our 2017  Partnering Congregations: Bible Tabernacle Brownson Memorial Community Presbyterian First Baptist Southern Pines Pinehurst UMC Robbins Christian Association Village Chapel  ...

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2019 Business Build

In 2019, Habitat for Humanity will continue its 30 year tradition of building homes and communities for local families by hosting the 2019 Habitat Business Build. This is an opportunity to bring together the business leaders of the Sandhills to serve the community together in a fun but meaningful way.  As the leaders of our business community, you are uniquely exposed to the needs of your employees.  You may know of the struggles families have to find safe, decent and affordable housing in a community known for its relative wealth.  Our vision includes ensuring that local employees who make this a great place to live have a retreat of their own within our county at the end of a long day.  We are asking you to partner with us to help make that vision a reality. ...

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2016 Education Build

The 2016 Education Build was a join effort among the educators and students of Moore County to build a home.  During the build, schools raised dollars and provided volunteer support (like this team of teachers from Vass-Lakeview Elementary) every Saturday until our homeowner, who is a student at Sandhills Community College, purchased her home.  During the build, Habitat staff presented to nearly every school in the county, and some schools created their own Habitat clubs or made Habitat an initiative for their club for the year....

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Richmond County Builds

Habitat volunteers and staff have recently completed a home in the Dobbins Heights community in Hamlet, and we are currently seeking partners to donate and/or volunteer at another home now under construction in Hamlet. Contact Habitat at 910-295-1934 for more information on how you can become involved. Save Save Save Save...

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