Youth Build 2018

Our community is teaming with exceptional young leaders, and this summer, we are hosting the first Habitat Summer Youth Build to put those young leaders into action!  If you know of a young person (16 years or older) who has a few hours available this summer, please encourage them to contact us.

Our build will be led by Jake Wibbens, a local student studying Construction Management at Appalachian State.  Jake interned with us last year, and we are bringing him back for an encore performance as the lead construction supervisor for this build.  Under the direction of our full-time construction team, Jake will be responsible for most of the aspects of this build including the ordering of materials, the scheduling of build days and work to be performed, and the coding and payment of bills related to the build and monitoring the costs of the project.  We are hoping this may become an annual project for us.  Working in other areas of this project are Rachel Lester, who will serve in an internship with us this summer, and will focus her energies on the marketing and publicity of this build along with Keegan Lynch, who will be volunteering to help recruit and coordinate the volunteers who will build.

Youth Build Kick Off

The build will kick off on Saturday, June 9th at 8am – as a celebration of the end of the school year. Each Thursday, Friday and Saturday following the 9th will see groups of student volunteers (group sizes ranging from 10-20 will be ideal for the first month of construction and groups of 10-15 individuals will be needed during July and August) hard at work, learning new skills and meeting new people as they create a beautiful home for Camisha Ingram and her family.
Building on a Habitat site is a safe and positive way to put your passion for helping others into action at a local level – and for many, it is a first chance to understand the crisis of housing insecurity and the need for affordable housing even in a community as relatively wealthy as Moore County. Whether a youth signs up to come just for a single day, or decides to make Habitat a habit for the summer, he or she will make a real difference for a family – please share your great young leaders with us, and help make this project a success!

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