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18:00 TO 19:00

Home Dedication in Richmond County

Please join us in celebration of a Habitat Home Dedication for Ms. Nankeen Burch on Thursday, May 24th at 6pm at 391 Greenlake Road in Rockingham. With the support of the Richmond community,  Habitat was able to partner with the Burch family and volunte...

391 Greenlake Road
Event Location
18:00 TO 19:00

Habitat Home Dedications in Aberdeen

Celebration our new Habitat Families and their homes at 106 & 116 Bonsal Way in Aberdeen on Thursday, June 7th 6pm. After over 300 hours of sweat equity these proud new homeowners will begin a new chapter of there lives, we welcome Amanda Crabtrees an...

106 Bonsal Way
Event Location

Current Projects

St. Joseph of the Pines 2018

Thank you to St. Joseph of the Pines for building with us again!  Back by popular demand from their residents and colleagues, St. Joseph is sponsoring a home for one of their own.  Great employees make great homeowners, so we are thankful to work w...

$10,690 Raised Goal $70,000
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Women Build 2018

This fearless, enthusiastic group of women has a goal of raising $100,000 and there is no stopping. PR and Marketing plans are in motion; look out for “Betty Builder” in your local shops and our very own pink “Porta Jane” in a neighborhood ne...

$29,000 Raised Goal $70,000
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Faith Build for Unity 2018

We are currently looking for churches to partner with us for our 2017-18  Faith Build for Unity! A Faith Build project is when churches come together to build a Habitat for Humanity home. They raise the money and provide the labor and prayer support...

$37,000 Raised Goal $70,000
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2018 Business Build

In 2018, Habitat for Humanity will continue its 29 year tradition of building homes and communities for local families by hosting the 2018Habitat Business Build. This is an opportunity to bring together the business leaders of the Sandhills to serve ...

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Sandhills Habitat News

Congrats to our newest homeowners and the many supporters including our Faith Partners and the State Employees Credit Union representatives who braved the rain to celebrate last night. Community members join in by presenting our homeowners with housewarming gifts that mean so much to them! Thank you to Harper and Quinn Senff from Pinehurst First Baptist Church for their special presentation and gift pictured here. ...

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